herbig stones

The lights of the night

You know what they say, "light shines brighter in the dark". But sometimes we get fooled by those lights even though we can see crystal clear.

How the `gnome-terminal` becomes an oasis of well-being

In order to feel comfortable on my computer, I have to personalize a few things. Second item on the agenda, right after the odyssey of choosing the right desktop background, is setting up the terminal. I've gotten used to my setup so much that I don't want to be missing it. The starting point is a fresh Ubuntu installation.

Sonoff MINI R2

A walkthrough to flash tasmota firmware onto a Sonoff MINI R2

My Setup

I store my keys onto the YubiKey for daily use but I keep backups in case my YubiKey gets damaged or lost, as this will result in data loss and the hassle of creating and distributing new keys to all devices and services. Here I’ll show my key setup. 💡 It is possible to create the keys directly on the YubiKey itself but then it is impossible to create a backup.…


Generate, manage and backup a key with gpg.